• MA in Music and Sonic Media (1st Class)
  • BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship/Songwriting
  • Full enhanced DBS
  • Musicians Union Member


  • 15 years of industry experience as a singer/songwriter, performer and music producer.

My name is Ricky Gallimore and I am a singer, songwriter, sound designer and a music producer with 15+ years of industry experience. I have been writing and performing songs since the age of 7 and studied Professional Musicianship and Songwriting at undergraduate level before embarking and completing an MA in Music and Sonic Media. 

I have the tools and knowledge to help artists take their music to the next level whether that be simply mixing their songs, helping to build simple demos into full band ensembles or work alongside artists at the beginning of their development and help write the songs themselves. I can also compose a piece of music based on a client’s brief and professionally record and mix that piece of music for public use.

  • Music Producer / Track Builder (composition, recording, mixing and mastering for release)
    You’ve written a song on piano or guitar and you now want to record and release it. Studio time, session musicians and an engineer can be expensive. I can help produce and refine your song, compose the instrumental parts and mix and master your songs to a professional and releasable standard.
    Pricing: £200 per track*
    *Guide price subject to consultation.
  • Songwriting / Artist Development
    Helping songwriters develop and find their sound and artistry. Session content will be a blend of pre-production of song ideas bringing in the fundamentals of performance I.e. dynamics, song structures, chord progressions, modulation, writing and harmonising melodies and lyric writing. This will also incorporate technical training in the use of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations).
    You, the songwriter, will be given the chance to drive our sessions or be led by me to help achieve the desired end product of your songs. 
    Pricing: £35 p/hr*
    *Guide price subject to consultation.
  • Music Producer (mixing and mastering)
    You’ve written and recorded your song! I can mix your track and, once happy, can master the track ready for you to release.
    Pricing: £100.00 per mix or £150.00 for mixing and mastering*
    *Guide price subject to consultation.
  • Composer
    You need a piece of music to accompany a film or perhaps a promo video. Send me the brief and I will compose that piece! Contact me for a consultation and a quote.
    Pricing: Subject to consultation and requirements of the brief

If you would like a free consultation then please fill out the ‘contact’ form found at the top of the webpage.

“I’ve worked with Ricky on 3 of my songs now and every time he has fully grasped my visions and made them come alive. Ricky is very talented and I can’t wait to work on more songs with him!”

Elisha Pople Music, Rustington

“As a new songwriter I was very lucky to be introduced to Ricky Gallimore. With patience and considerable musical knowledge and skills, he helped transform my lyrics and gave them a musical identity.”

Davis, J., Eastbourne